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Six marriages. Six heartbreaks. One shared beginning.


The Joy of Text book club has been meeting in Vermont for 20 years, and I was lucky to Skype with them about SATURDAY NIGHT WIDOWS last night. We talked about how my friends and theirs see each other through crises and mileposts, all while sharing adventures, in their case, often through books.
But so much more. Driving a friend to cancer treatments, showing up to tend the garden of another friend when her son was in the hospital. The ladies of The Joy of Text celebrate the awe-inspiring joy of friendship, too.

Wed 4pm

Which is better when meeting up with friends . . . getting all ambitious (taking on a museum, a hike, an X-treme sport) or going straight for serious talk over dinner? The Saturday Night Widows are trying to decide what to do later this week.

Tue 12pm