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Six marriages. Six heartbreaks. One shared beginning.


“Remain connected to your life.” This and other wise advice about weathering a crisis from writer Jill Smolowe.

Nine Hard-Won Lessons About Grief
After journalist Jill Smolowe buried her husband, sister, mother and mother-in-law within the space of 17 months, she expected to fall apart. To her surprise — and relief — her grief bore no resemblance to the portrait of paralyzing despair depicted in American films, TV shows and memoirs.

Wed 4pm

High tech meets old-fashioned girlfriend bonding. I Skyped with the Modern Widows Club in Orlando to talk about my book and the scary/exciting process of starting over. In another modern touch, one member of the group even joined the rest of us by Skype on her phone. And giving a new meaning to "laptop," that’s me on somebody’s lap.

Carolyn Caple Moor, our hostess (kneeling in front), founded the Modern Widows Club and now has 10 chapters around the country, providing a loving place for women to meet and share. Usually in person, though.

Sun 10pm