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Six marriages. Six heartbreaks. One shared beginning.


“Saturday Night Widows” is back in the news – Live Happy magazine features an article on how I formed the group and wrote the book. Plenty of experts chime in about how people can make their way forward after setbacks as we did, with the help of friendship, laughter and seeking out new experiences.
Even silly movies. George Bonanno of Columbia University says it may seem artificial to watch funny movies in tough times, but it’s a reminder to have joyful experiences.
Sometimes, I say, the sillier the better. I remember seeing “Airplane!” when my husband was sick, and it was such a relief to tune out the grim and laugh.

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Why is adult friendship valuable? It helps people make better judgments, because “so much of friendship is thinking through problems together.” And people, knowing they are being observed by friends, “become better versions of themselves.”

I kept thinking of the Saturday Night Widows as I read this, especially the part about how to make friends: take on challenging activities together – and leave plenty of time for long meals!

There Are Social and Political Benefits to Having Friends
How would you spend $500 million? Here are a few ideas.

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